Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Why buy a regular pick-up truck? Buy a truck that can do everything like 4x4 off the road stuff, haul crap to the dump, put the dog in the back for a ride truck, tow the 5th wheel, all that stuff.

What's missing from every one's truck is the ability to drive that puppy on railroad tracks. There are trucks like that. Whoa, Nellie! Save me a blue one!

Think about it. Beat traffic. See places in America most people can't see. Find the ultimate camping spot, the best swimming hole. I pretty much think you can drink and drive on the railroad tracks and carry a concealed weapon. It's in the drive your truck on the tracks rule book. I looked it up.

And you'll learn what the term OH!!! SHIT!!! really means when you're caught traveling through a tunnel and you meet a freight trail coming right at you half way through it.

A truck like this works this way: Get on the tracks. put the small wheels down. When the small wheels go down it lifts the truck so the truck tires don't touch the ground.

Slicker than snot in December.
To hell with traveling on the open road stuff . . .

Give me the track, Jack!

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Sexy Duet said...

That's just what I need to beat the traffic in the mornings. I could sell the extra seats in the truck to make some money and unlike the trains here I would actually run on time!


Blessed said...

Hey Bob!
You didn't see???
I got that new tattoo almost
two weeks ago

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Now there is a good reason to get a truck. There is a reason I can relate to.


Rambeau said...

Wonder if I could make it to work on the tracks?

Bob said...

Ms SD: We could "truck pool"!

Blessed: Thanks. I checked it out. Nice tattoo!

Fox: Then what's stopping you?

Rambeau: Put a scooter in the back and regardless of where the tracks end, you'd get there.

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