Monday, May 26, 2008


Tomorrow is workday in the Valley which means it is time to pack up and think about drive 100 miles East of Cow Town.

This trek represents the last time I'll be doing this for I will spend (with the wife) the next two weekends in the Valley. There are weekend festivities that I should attend. For the next two Fridays the wife will pack her car, load the dogs and drive that 100 miles instead of yours truly.

I've developed several riendships in the Valley, ones that will last for sometime to come. We'll have dinner with our new friends on each of the weekends, see the sights, walk the dogs, enjoy the last hurrah of my being in this business.

Last hurrah? Yes, I think it will be the very last. The money is exceptional but the stress that comes with it so very great. I ask myself is the stress worth it? I also ask myself how much is enough and how much stress can a body take.

They say stress is a killer and I have had more than my share - enough to probably kill off a dozen people, yet here I still stand and for my age, close to a picture of health considering others in this age group. They look so ancient and broken down in comparison that I often ask myself, "They were born the same year that I was? What happened to them?"

The wife is traveling to Spain for vacation nearly as soon as I return to Cow Town. In her absence it will be my duty (are there any end to duties in this life?!) to care for the dogs, care for Grace while her mother toils at the truck repair shop, water the plants, trim the shrubs, oversee the properties, etc. The list could go on and on. We're the end product of having too many things in this life. When you have "things" the responsibilities and the time requirements grow.

Speaking of too many things, did you see the film, Into the Wild? It is based on a true story about a young man who, after graduating from a university, decided to give up everything (including his family) and hitchhike around the country. His story ends in Alaska. The odyssey that he embarked upon is interesting to observe as it unfolds. While the film is slow in parts it is nonetheless captivating. Check it out.

Time to write out a few checks, clean out the truck, fill it with $5.10 a gallon diesel and start packing. Yes, $5.10 a gallon.

On this Memorial Day remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep America free. There is a price to pay for democracy.

The picture posted here? It was taken on the way back to the Valley house at sunset one evening last week. It is a westerly view of Mt. Shasta. Always breathtaking.

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Max said...

That's a fantastic sunset... Also saw the movie you mentioned, watched it with Una. Not really her kind fo flick, but she enjoyed it. I thought it was alright too. Crazy that it was a true story.

Bob said...

Max: I'm with you. It was an okay thing. Kind of interesting to watch the end of someone's life unfold.

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