Thursday, May 01, 2008


Back in the day I owned a 280Z like this. Same color. Had a sunroof and better wheels than what's shown here (deep dish with fins).

This is the ride I once had up on two wheels (to name but one stupid ass thing I did with the Z).

I had a personalized license plate: NOSMOKE.

I didn't smoke. Neither did the Z.

It was fast. The kids loved to ride. One in the front, two in the back. That's all it would hold.

One night coming back from shopping, on the freeway:

Kid: Dad, how fast will the Z go?

Me: Pretty fast.

Kids all together: Let's see how fast the Z will go.

Me: Better not. I don't need a speeding ticket.

Kid: Come on, there's no one else on the freeway for miles. Do it!

That's all it took - the coast was clear, no reason to deny my need for speed.

Pedal to the metal. 120 mph in nothing flat . . . with more pedal to go.

Conscience to Bob?

Conscience to Bob? What are you nuts? Slow the F down, stupid! You've got your three kids in the car.

I slowed down. Glancing over to the kids, their eyes, the size of silver dollars, were still glued to the dashboard and the speedometer that just read a little over 120 mph.

Kids all together: WOW!

Years later the kids still talk about that 120 mile an hour night on the freeway. It was one of those priceless memories that seems to keep coming up and coming up and coming up.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

I had an experience like this was in a funny car and NO2 was involved.


Anonymous said...

I will never forget that! :)

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