Sunday, May 04, 2008

Respighi: Music Lesson for Sunday: The Pines of Rome

I know a lot about music, all kinds of music. If you've followed What About Bob you know that Bob likes his music.

A favorite, Respigi's Pines of Rome. In the third movement the musical image Respighi wishes to present are of the legions of the Roman army entering Rome. The movement begins with the legions far off in the distance, rounding corner after corner in the road until the Roman army enters Rome.

The music works only if you have an active imagination.

If you listen to the very end of this movement you'll be saying, "Now that was orgasmic!".

The other movements of this symphony are worth listening to. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Interesting. :)

SEXYSTAR said...

Beautiful Blog, good texts, very sensual..

Bob said...

Thanks, Blither.

Sexystar: I'll take that compliment. Thanks for the visit.

Bob said...

Blither!! What happened to your blog?!!!

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