Friday, May 16, 2008

105F/40.55C IN COW TOWN

105 degrees Fahrenheit converted to Celsius is 40.55 degrees.

It's hot but you know what? It's a dry heat and I love it. Being half lizard 105/40.55 degrees is hot stuff we just have to love.

It will get much hotter this summer. It is not unusual to hit 117F/47.22 degrees in Cow Town. Frying eggs on the sidewalk does save energy that can be used to run the air conditioner.

Bushes bloom in the Valley. Here they are. Pink.

It's home tonight in Cow Town. I need it. The week has been hectic. In old school terms: Most of the time I didn't know whether to shit or go blind. Back in the day everyone would say that when a situation was out of hand.

This week brought lots of problems, lots of stress. Does stress take years off of your life? Hmm.

It will be nice to be still for a couple of days. The need to reflect is absent from my every day routine but recovered during the weekend.

Time to sit and go ommmmmmmm......

Happy Friday everyone.

Oh yes, I've been invited to a French Luau this weekend. You must have attended one once in your life. They're really a lot of fun but different.

A Hawaiian Luau is when the men sleep with the women and eat the pig. . . .

A French Luau is . . . . . . :)

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twilite said...

Help Bob! It sure is hot out where you are. Shall I ask mother nature to bring the snow?

Anonymous said...

Vegas is hitting triple digits this weekend Woo Woo!!

Sexy Duet said...

I hope there is still some of that warm weather by the time I get here. Its starting to get really cold here, but that is always a good excuse for snuggling - not that one really needs an excuse ;)

Have a nice, relaxing weekend Bob!


Bob said...

Lea: It was 107 Saturday. Ow!

Blither Bean: Looks like summer has arrived.

Ms SD: Sept is always toasty in the Golden State.

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