Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My day today:

Parent complaint that an employee slapped a five year old. I spent more than half the day taking statements.

Parent complaint that one of the teachers didn't do diddly this year. I meet with the teacher and like his teaching techniques, he's clueless.

Grievances submitted by the union (4 of them).

Interviews for my replacement came up empty. Looks like it's back to the drawing board. And folks, I am not doing this job for another year. Not!

Why do problems come in bunches or by the dozen? I've got 11 days left on this job (plus another five if I want the work). Freedom never looked so good.

Like E.T. in the movie I point my finger to the west and shout, HOME! HOME!.

It was just under 100 yesterday. Sunny. Today it's 60 something and raining. I am hearing thunder heading this way. Go figure. Guess summer is over.

The ducks here are right alongside the highway making a small pond (but really a ditch) their home. There are other ducks, babies, but they skitter away whenever I pull up to take a picture. They're sooooo cute! I just had to take this picture.

Tomorrow is another day. Please. Tell me tomorrow is another day!

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