Monday, December 01, 2008


Mom's rolling over in her grave as I write this. She's saying, "Shame on you Bob for even thinking such a thing."

And I'd say, "Someone has to think like that. If I don't someone else will."

Mom and I had an interesting relationship. They say men marry their mothers. Please tell me I didn't marry my mother, PLEASE!

Here's Wifey, Zoe and Zinnia sitting with Santa. The picture was taken in conjunction with a fundraising event to garner money for the local dog park.

Both dogs are trained and certified as therapy animals. Wifey had this picture placed on Christmas cards to send to all of her therapy world doggy friends.

Speaking of therapy just thinking that I might have married my mother leads me to believe that I need the services of a shrink right now!


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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Bob, look at the positive. Wifey is kneeling in this picture and not sitting on Santa's Lap. I have a feeling that old Santa gets a good boner when he gets the older gals to sit on his lap...

Anonymous said...

Love the pic... and the post... definitely made me smile this afternoon. :) Men may marry their mothers, but women become their mothers. And it's scary for us too ;)

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