Sunday, December 21, 2008


Normally it's pizza for dinner Saturday night. Chili seemed like a much better choice.

While Wifey was out hopping and shopping the town, Bob was in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove top creating his signature dish: Bob's Chili. Compared to the hassles of shopping this time of year, I'd much rather be home cooking.

Just as I was putting the finishing touches on Bob's Chili Wifey came home with lots of stuff including an eight pound prime rib roast from the local butcher shop for Christmas day dinner.

On Christmas Day we'll have six for dinner, maybe more. To add to our six guests I might cruise the Cowtown's "skid row" with the pickup bed tailgate and windows down yelling, "Christmas dinner! Who's wants it?!! Come and get it! Hop in the pickup bed for a Christmas dinner!!" And then I'd load up the pickup with people, come home and surprise Wifey with all of our newly invited guests.

A holiday meal with a truckload of down and out homeless Cowtowners would make for interesting dinner conversation for the already invited six guests.

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Max Watson said...

...or perhaps retribution for the "huggy" dinner several week backs?

Max Watson said...

Wow, "week backs". Must be time to go to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I can go for some of that right now Bob. Flyinfox is freezing his wings off!

Bob said...

Max: I should have served them all Bob's Chili and then hugged it out to see what happened. . . .:)

Fox: Better head on down to Hooters and git some of them there hot wings. . . that will warm ya up along with a little action from the Hooter's girls.

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