Sunday, December 28, 2008


Today's her wedding anniversary, at least that's what Wifey calls it. Not ours. Not mine. But hers. Never ever will I be able to figure out the female mind and how it works. Never.

We've been married for more years than I wish to admit. Interestingly, we've still married, still fight like cats and dogs, still love each other madly and actually like each other like best pals, and are still very much committed to the death do us part deal of the marriage contract.

One of our first conversations this anniversary morning:

Me: So, I'm going to ask you if you remember something about our wedding day.

Wifey: Don't even go there.

So much for sentimental value of today.

Later on this morning I bring a dog turd on a small shovel into the house as part of what we do to monitor what Zeen eats in the yard. Often there items, like rubber bands, that she has no business getting into. When that happens I check around and clean up where ever it was Zeenie was grazing.

So anyway, I bring in the dog turd to let Wifey check it.

Wifey: What is this? An anniversary present?

I have a feeling that it's not going to get any better than this today.

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evalinn said...

Well, happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...


Congrats! I think? However, I believe that it sounds like you and Wifey have the perfect relationship and that's what it is all about isn't it?

Max Watson said...

Dog turd; helluva anniversary gift!

twilite said...

A belated happy anniversary Bob! Wishing for greater togetherness for the happy couple and naturally more fights to keep each other together too!?! Hahaha...

Bob said...

Evalinn: Thanks!

Fox: We're far from perfect considering that she's from Venus and I from Mars. But we try!

Max: You know Dad. Always thinking and looking for that gift that keeps on giving.

Lea: Thanks!

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