Saturday, December 06, 2008


You're driving somewhere. Another car cuts in front of you. It's irritating. You ask yourself if it's time to do a little middle fingering, horn honking, good old road rage.

The pissed off feeling you have when someone cuts you off or cuts in front of you has to have started in school. There was always some jackass who thought they could let one of their friends in back of the line come join them in the front. When this happened someone would yell NO CUTS! Teacher?! They took cuts.

Teacher: Now don't be a tattle tail.

It wasn't unusual for fights to start over line cutting. Heck, it's not unusual for road rage today when someone takes cuts.

It was maddening back then. It's still maddening now when some takes cuts in line or damn near causes a wreck by cutting in front of the car you're driving.

No cuts! should be a law.

I'll definitely vote for the next politician who promises to introduce NO CUTS! legislation.

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Max Watson said...

There's two sides to this coin.

In California people are too damn timid and pass up too many good opportunities before finally pulling into traffic. Meanwhile you're behind them growing older.

In Seoul, people don't hesitate to pull into traffic, and do so usually within a safe distance for oncoming traffic to not have to slam on the brakes. While that does mean people need to be more on the lookout for cars, it also means that you're never waiting all that long to pull into traffic.

Having driven in both, this is one of the few points in which I prefer traffic here.

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