Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Grace spent last night with us. Nagging her mother for days on end finally worked.

5:30 a.m. there's a beam of light bouncing off the walls and ceiling of the master bedroom.

Me: What the hell's that?

Gracie: Hi Papa. I can't get the flashlight to go off.

Grace had come into our room from hers. Guess she either got scared or was cold.

Me: Come on kid, get in bed alongside Grammy. It's too early to get up.

So Grace crawls into bed alongside Grammy and we all attempt to go back to sleep.

BONG! I'm no longer sleepy so I start singing Christmas tunes like a chicken. You know how they go, "buck, buck, buck" like a chicken. . . kind of like that. Silent Night is my favorite chicken tune to cluck out. I should put it on YouTube.

Sleeping is now out of the question so I get up, start the coffee as the ladies remain in bed to chatter and watch cartoons.

Now it's 90 minutes later . . . Wifey and Grace are getting ready to join me for breakfast out. We'll probably hit I-HOP. Grace wants to have pan-a-cakes this morning (her term for pancakes).

Actually, that sounds good: Pancakes, a couple of poached eggs, bacon and orange juice. That will really hit the spot.

Then Wifey wants to hit the Dollar Store for gift bags. Later in the day, Wifey and Grace are signed up wrap gifts at B&N. It's in benefit for the pet therapy group Wifey, Zoe and Zeenie belong to.

Think anyone eating at IHOP would like to hear my rendition of Silent Night?

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about anyone else but I would. I bet it would be a hit on Youtube!

Max Watson said...

This condition is apparently hereditary.

Bob said...

Fox: Thanks!

Max: But fortunately not a terminal or life threatening condition.

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