Friday, December 19, 2008



Burger King has marketed a body spray that smells like their flame broiled burgers. I'm not kidding. This is a real deal.

Check it out:

or this:

What's posted here is what you'll find on the Fire Meets Desire website.

The premise of this product is that chicks like hicks that smell like burgers. Flame broiled burgers. Or maybe it's the other way around . . . guys like chicks that smell like burgers?

Does a whiff of a burger with lettuce, onions, pickle and mayo turn you on? Oh baby, talk to me!

During high school I dated a girl who worked Saturdays at the local fish stick factory. You might remember Four Fisherman Fish sticks? Yup, that's where Jane worked.

So, we'd go out Saturday night and Jane would still be stinking like a fish stick. Now tell me, with a good looking lady by your side, come time for some "spooning", would the smell of fish sticks ruin the mood?

That said, how about the smell of flame broiled burgers? Hmmmm. Fish sticks or burgers. Fish sticks or burgers.

The smell of fish every Saturday night did have something to do with the demise of the relationship of Bob and Jane. I just could not get around that smell.

Shortly after our breakup Jane began dating a guy that I knew well. Their dating lasted for the remainder of high school and soon after they married. In checking Classmates dot com, they're still married.

I wonder what the key is to the success of their marriage. Must have been those damn fish sticks.

Anyway, Flame Meets Desire is on sale for $3.99 a package. I was going to order two dozen for stocking stuffers but they're sold out.


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Anonymous said...

Remember that really obese kid that was suing McDonald's for being fat? I think there is something to his lawsuit. I think that the scent of these burgers can lead to an addiction.

This is kinda scary actually....

Anonymous said...

I worked at a Skipper's in highschool... I always feared I smelled like cod even on days off.

Freaking Fish!

But now Burgers? Mmm.


Max Watson said...

Their website is hilarious, ok, just the parts with the Burger King made me laugh.

Anyhow, this cologne is gonna be great for attracting FAT CHICKS! Arrrgh.

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