Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I'm easy. Bucket of KFC all to myself on Christmas Eve and Bob's in fat city.

I had lunch at KFC the other day and found a chicken bone in a meal that should have had no bones. What if the bone had gotten stuck in my throat? Do any of the workers like the Hind Lick maneuver? Do any of the workers care if someone is choking on a chicken bone?

I thought I'd ask that question after I finished my meal but another funny question caught my fancy Instead of asking what the KFC workers would do if someone was choking on a chicken bone I thought it would be funny to ask:

What would you do if someone was choking the chicken in the dining room?

Okay mom, settle down back in your grave. There's a reason for Bob's personality and you're a large part of THAT!

So my fantasy response to the question I thought so funny was:

Worker: Well, if someone was choking the chicken in the dining room I'd call 9-1-1, lock the doors and yell PERVERT! PERVERT! PERVERT!!!! And then hide under the chicken fryer until the cops came.

As LaRoo commented recently on one of my posts, "Bob, you have too much time on your hands."

I guess that I do.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

I would so film it and put it on YouTube!

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