Friday, December 12, 2008


The three first grade classes at Grace's school earned money at home and around their neighborhoods to pay for bicycles for less fortunate children.

Every kid should have a bike. And if a kid doesn't have a bike what better time to gift one than to do it at Christmas.

The children in first grade earned enough to purchase twenty-eight bikes.

Gracie earned her money by exercising the dogs, washing her mom's van and selling hot chocolate and cookies at a church bazaar. We put in a little extra to see that at least two bikes were purchased on our behalf.

Yesterday the Mission came to Grace's school to pickup the bikes. How very proud they were.

One of Grace's teachers was quoted in today's paper (which also carried a picture of the bikes being picked up by the Mission) as saying, "We've taught our children that its better to give than to receive."

Knowing this teacher very well I'm making it a point to go to school today and see if she practices what she preaches. I'm going to say, "Ahh Joanie, if it's better to give than to receive how about giving me 10 bucks."

And then watch her squirm.

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Jessi said...


Anonymous said...

Bob, ask her for $20 and we wil split it....

Anonymous said...

Aww.. Thats wonderful. Lil chilly for bike riding, but.. Yeah for spring!

Bob said...

Jess: Thanks! I'll pass that on to Gracie!

Fox: You're on, pal.

Blither: Hey, this is California. We do most everything year 'round.

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