Saturday, December 01, 2007


Or is that colder than a witches tit? Ha. Whatever it is the temp in Cow Puncher Valley at 6:45 a.m. today was 5 degrees. There is frost on the pumpkin and definitely lots of frost on both of the vehicles parked outside the door.

The wife drove up yesterday with the girls (Poms Jilli and Zoe) and we'll spend the weekend together in the Valley. There's a Christmas Crap Fair at the fairgrounds today - or is that Craft Fair? Let's say Crap because Old Bob's house in Cow Town can't take on any more crap! We'll just look and not buy unless we find that very special gift for one or for all of the kids.

Then it's dinner tonight out - a fancy place right on one of the rivers in the Valley. Last meal there took 123 bucks to walk out the door. We'll try a little moderation tonight and see where that gets my wallet.

I'll try to get pictures for tomorrows blog. I know you can hardly wait. . . .

Life is good.


8thggfpeckerwoodusa said...

AH-RUMP!!! White tree!!! Did you see my white tree?

Max said...

I can't do Fahrenheit anymore. It's a ridiculous system once you get accustomed to Celsius, which really is nicer with it's smaller spread for normal conditions. So I had to convert 5F to Celsius, and got -15C, and that is DAMN cold.

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