Thursday, December 06, 2007


My Xmas tree in my Valley Pad. Cute. Hark!

Stupid thoughts infliltrate my mind at 2 in the morning.

Is is Salsbury Steak or Sal's Berry Steak?

Does electing Hillary as President mean that we'll have a two family political system that will have lasted from 1989 until 2016? Think about it before you vote.

They say once you go black you never go back. That's why I'm voting for Obama in 2008. It's time for a minority to serve as our Chief Executive Officer.

What the hell is an Electoral College and why does that determine who becomes president? I think the Electoral College is made up of idiotic high school drop outs. How else did George W get elected twice?

If education is our most important product why are incompetent teachers protected by tenure?

White male discrimination is running rampant and it bothers me.

Why is it that women now join what were once were men's clubs but men cannot join women's clubs. If you're male try to join Curves or the Soroptomist's and see what happens.

Why do physician's think they can make you wait 20 or more minutes past an appointment time and think nothing of your inconvenience? I wait 15 minutes and then tell the receptionist that my time is as valuable as the physicians and start to leave. That's when you're seated in an examination room.

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Blessed said...

I work for a retinal specialist and unfortunately I have seen people wait for along time. I hate it but it's true due to the fact that sometimes things happen out of the doctors control and sometimes emergencies have to be seen and people are bumped. Nothing against any of our's almost like triage.

I hate to wait too. My time is valuable but now being on the 'other' side has definitely given me a different perspective.

twilite said...

Hi Bob! You sure sound 'blah'! Hope you've a warm, sprite and looovely weekend!

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