Sunday, December 09, 2007


Saturday night is Lion's Club BINGO! night in the Valley. If you're an old fart, AARP is your name and Bingo is your game.

Because I'm a Lion we went to help work the BINGO. But there was sooo much help already the wife and I ended up playing BINGO!

We're not talking straight on BINGO!. We're talking complicated BINGO!

To win you had to have a certain pattern on your cards. It was not straight this way or that way. You could not have brain farts or brain cramps and play this game.

This is Lion Bob but I like being called Lyin' Bob. It fits with what I do for a living.
I let the wife figure out all that BINGO! crap. She had help from a really nice lady, Georgia, who sat next to us. She wore one of those knitted caps you see "people of age" wear. Nice lady. Stupid hat.

I crapped out about nine and we left at 9:15. When you get up at 4:30 a.m. every morning nine at night is time to pass out. Some date I am.

We'll play BINGO! again one day. It's a piece of American that is slowly being swallowed up by Indian Casinos.

The wife and I will enjoy that piece of life every chance that we get.


By the way, maybe we can practice "She Got Big Back" - our do over wedding dance we're planning, at the next BINGO! meeting. We'll be the talk of the Valley! They'll be peeing in their diapers!

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Rachel said...

You two are totally cute!

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