Sunday, December 02, 2007


Me: The water is brown and stinks like rotten eggs and bleach.

Landlord: Well, we flushed the system after pouring 2 gallons of bleach down the well head. It smelled and looked good to me.

Me: If I were living in a Third World Country the water would probably be okay. But I'm not living there and the U. S. of A. water you're providing me is shit. Can't drink it. Can't bathe in it. Can't cook with it. I can flush with it and even at that it looks like I never even flushed the flush!

Landlord: You gotta hose? Hook it up and let it run for a while.

I did. 30 minutes. That did the trick for a while and then brown water slowly came back into the tap water. I won't even talk about what is inside the hot water heater - AGAIN! That was emptied of dirty water last night. With the brown tap water so flows the hot water as being brown . . . again.

Four days after Last Tango in Well Head the water still is horrible.

If there were other places better than this (not withstanding of the water) I'd leave.

Digs wise, this is as good as it gets in the Valley. Water wise - I can do better.

Maybe if I ignore this problem it will just go away.

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twilite said...
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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Yikes. I dislike smelly toilets. I hope you have better days ahead. Cheerio.

Max said...

Nasty. Looks like it'd clog a showerhead filter in a week.

8thggfpeckerwoodusa said...

OMG!! I'd suggest you take test samples to the County Health Dept (no I'm not kidding), be sure to tell them this is a former meth house. Bobby, that crap permeates PAINT, carpet etc. God only knows what the dopers were flushing into the its septic or city hook up? BEYOND UGH!!!! :)@8:01a.m.Monday

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