Monday, December 24, 2007


Was there really ever peace on this earth? And what about that "goodwill towards all men" deal?

In my lifetime I can't remember a time when there was peace and that the prevalent attitude of the citizens of the world was goodwill.

What legacy will our children inherit? I honestly believe that answer lies in who is elected as the next President of the United States.

Think about it: the trillions of dollars to "fight" the war in Iraq could have been used for any number of causes all in the name of humanitiarian purposes.

Wow. Think about what a difference in this world all of that money would have made . . . if proper oversight was provided.

Tony Bennett sang a song "If I ruled the World." His song sums up my thinking on this Christmas Eve.

The world would be a much better place only if . . .

Today's pictures: Grace, of course. She's all dolled up for the Nutcracker ballet put on by the Cow Town Toe Hoppers.

Daughter Dawn had a lot of company Saturday. I volunteered to cook her 20 pound turkey in the Weber.

The secret of cooking any turkey is not to let it cook past the point that it is done. See the probe?

Houston? We have ignition! Lift off that turkey in the BBQ!
And there you have it. 20 pounds of turkey cooked at 325 degrees for 4 hours. Perfect-o!

To the other turkey's in this world, get your stuff together and make 2008 a better world to live in. PLEASE!

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Dawn said...

And my, oh my, was that Turkey great! The guests even ate the innards and sucked the bones. Thank you for a fantastically done bird. It cant get any better.

twilite said...

Hi Bob! the turkey in a barbecue 'pit' oven! Yum yum!

Sometimes I do wonder why the US need to be the 'big brother'. Let the citizens of the countries fight themselves off! Then peace will reign (!?) and there will be no finger-pointing or the blame game!

It's wonderful to be young and like your granddaughter during this festive season!

Here's wishing you and family a bountiful and wonderful 2008!

Bunny said...

That is a beautiful turkey! I haven't tried to cook one in the Weber before - I will definitely give that a shot! I have the Weber grill and the probe thingy, so I think I'm all set!!

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