Wednesday, December 26, 2007


It was one long puppy of a day but a happy one . . . a memorable Christmas.

The wife is readying the 14 pound prime rib roast for the oven. I am missing an arm and a leg.
Son Max in from Seoul Korea for the holidays is adept at cooking. Here he's making his very own Christmas ham and eggs breakfast.
Ah, Christmas dinner served at about 3 in the afternoon. Here's son-in-law Keith, daughter Dawn and the wife.

Keith said grace.

Then each of us lit a candle in remembrance of a family member no longer with us.

I wanted to remember our 16 year old cat Fluffy, ailing with kidney disease, who had to be put down last month. The wife said that Gracie thinks the cat is with me in Big Valley and believes that Fluffy spends her days chasing ground squirrels. I'd like to think that Fluffy is doing just that.

Anyway, I did not mention Fluffy but lit a candle for my grandmother who cared for me from birth to age 3. That's another story worth telling some other time.

Dinner was prime rib, honey baked ham, baked potato, cranberry relish, green salad, assorted veggies, and cheesecake.

Acid reflux anyone?

I wonder why we always lean in one direction when we eat. Maybe the house isn't level or maybe I was too wasted to take a straight up picture.

Anyway, Max, son Scott, Gracie and the wife leaning one way or the other.

We really have to work on every one's posture or maybe I should just buy a camera with a wider lens.

In the background are Keith's two kids from his training marriage. Good kids - both well over 6' tall and they eat like horses.

Missing from our Christmas is son Todd who is probably permanently pissed off because the family would not loan him the $14,000 he asked for back in October.

It's a long story on why he needed the 14k (was not the first time this boy had asked for a like amount of cash) but let's just say that lending him this sum would have been good money after bad. We're careful with our money which is why there is always money in the bank for that rainy day.

That said, it was an enjoyable and what will turn out to be a memorable Christmas for the other members of our family.

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Anonymous said...

Good looking bunch you have there... ;-)

So what's a "training marriage" huh?

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