Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The Valley has one cab. You can call and get a cab any hour of the day or night.

Sound like a lot of B.S.?

It is - the Cow Puncher Valley B.S. Cab.

The wife took this picture last weekend. She could not resist.
Oh give me a home, where the bull shit cabs roam. . . .

What an appropriate name for a cab service in Cow Puncher Valley.
Hanging from the rear view mirrow is this wang-dang-doodle. What do you think it is for?

Maybe it's to protect the B.S. cab from evil cows.

Or evil cow spirits....

I'm thinking the B.S. cab service would make a great movie........

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8thggfpeckerwoodusa said...

Boy, no more jokes andjabs from me on where you are!! That town has a CAB???!!! The "Jolly Club" bar here (yes their sign does have a skull & crossbones) provides free limo services for their patrons. Owned by a former cop no less. That in itself is a hoot - on a good night you couldn't find a full set of teeth, but you can find tons of lovely body ink, and those are the females. Yummy. oxome@ 6:39a.m. P.S. Jack & Linda - dated in JC.

Jes said...

Haha! I grew up in a town with 1 cab, too. I remember the day it made its 1st appearance, it was such a big deal that we had a cab now! Much like the time we got our 2nd traffic light, and the whole town came out to celebrate!

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