Saturday, December 08, 2007


She could be a cruise director.

Or a drill sergeant.

Maybe a film or play director.

How about President of the United States? This five year old could out think, out smart, and out lead Hillary . . .

Grace is a leader, a doer, someone who's always smiling, happy and wanting the best for everyone - and she's everyone's best friend.

There's no stopping our girl.

This was taken Thursday right after the school's Christmas choral event.

It puts a smile on my face.

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Anonymous said...

what up, Bob! Thanks for stopping by CuppaJoe! Grace is beautiful. I have always loved that name. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, Bob!

Blessed said...


~d said...

hey hey hey!! I have a boy who be 5 in Feb...and a boy who will be 8 in Feb...(ya'll want to take pre-arrangement?)

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