Saturday, November 24, 2007


Yesterday one of my very best friends and one of my very, very best former students traveled 3 plus hours to visit us. And then they drove three plus hours home. What great friends to do that.

Where was the camera? What was I thinking - or not thinking when there could have been pictures. I would have loved to have pictures. Well, there has to be a next time . . . right Carol and Russell?

It was Carol Ann and her son Russell who visited Cow Town yesterday. Carol taught next door to me for more than a few years. Then an assignment as a school administrator took me elsewhere. Carol and I have remained friends over the years.

Yesterday there were loads of stories about the good old days.

There were burgers and steak at Logan's Road House.

We walked the Sundial Bridge.

We laughed. There were tears when the name of a recently deceased friend came up. Lots of memories. Lots of history that we'll always share together. Damn, it was a great time yesterday. I didn't realize how much I had missed Carol and Russell.

Now Carol and I both live a distance from where we once taught. We've both moved on. The memories will never move on for those were definitely the best of times.

Yesterday Russell made friends with Zoe. She sat on his lap. Loved his pets. Then when Russell put him on the floor Zoe nipped at Jilli so as to keep her away from her new found friend.

Zoe is never like that. There has to be something about Russell she liked.

Russell is single. Very eligible. Makes good money well into six figures. Owns his own home. Good looking. Athletic. Great sense of humor. Highly intelligent (got that from his time in my classroom :). . .

In the world of fishing for a life mate, Russell would be one of the very best catches.

Russell has not found the right lady. Never been married. Russell is very, very picky.

I told Russell that he should borrow Zoe for trolling for the right woman.

It would be like trolling for fish: Zoe would be the bait. She would be perfect.

It would go like this. I'd lend Zoe to Russell. He would take Zoe to a park or to a festival where lots of people had gathered.

Russell would sit on a bench with Zoe on his lap. He'd have to look forlorn or lost. a few tears would help, too. What woman could resist bait like this?

When the Fox of the Year came up and sat down with Russell there had to be a story. It could go like this:

"My friends left for the week and I don't know how to feed or care for their dog. She won't eat anything. She seems sooooo unhappy. Could you come home with me and show me how to care for this poor little dog?"

Zing! Hook, line and sinker. A stone fox would take that bait.

A match made in heaven? No, a match courtesy of Zoe. Hmmm . . . this could be my next business venture - - - love matches by Zoe!

If ever you see some good looking stud with a Pom sitting on a bench . . .

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Rachel said...

Oh my gosh I want that dog!!!

Wishing you happy days my friend.

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