Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yes it was . . . it was symphony night in Cow Town. People turned out in suits, tails and then the yokels in jeans and a t-shirt. Makes you wanna shout, "HEY! This ain't no rodeo! Dress for the occasion.!!"

Mahler's Symphony no. 2 in C. Slow start. Rousing ending.

We have great seats for the season. Center balcony. Front row. Not a seat finer in the house.

Almost to the day there it was symphony night a year ago in Cow Town. The wife and Max attended. I stayed home, drank beer and watched NASCAR. Being predictable is part of being Bob. Are you surprised?

Last year one of Cow Town's finest persisted in talking to his date during the symphony. Son Max, who unlike his father is long on tact turned around, put his finger to his lips and said,

"Respect the music." Cool.

This idiot took the clue and shut-up.

Then in February the wife and daughter Dawn attended the symphony together.

Same idiot. Same chatter.

Dawn turns around and puts her fingers to her lips. End of chatter.

Last night. Same idiot. Persistent cough. There are two persistent coughs that night: One downstairs and the other in the balcony sitting behind us.

Does this guy think up things to piss people off?

After a lot of hack, hack, hack I turn around, put my fingers to my lips.

If dirty looks could kill I'm dead. But you'd think people would have a clue that coughing through a wonderful piece of music was not appropriate. This is Cow Town and folks, this is not the real world by any stretch of the imagination.

On our way out I returned the dirty look with a comment, "Coughing in this setting is not appropriate." The return looks from this couple were as if I was the idiot. By Cow Town standards maybe I am.

Next symphony is in February. I'll hope for the best and believe this clown will mind his manners.

It's back to the Valley late this morning or early afternoon.

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8thggfpeckerwoodusa said...

Well, hello, you must have notice from the typos I just posted, that I'm totaly out of "WhiteOut" for my computer...thank goodness my nail appt is this coming Tuesday..they're total claws right now!!! oxoxoox me @ 8:36a.m.

8thggfpeckerwoodusa said...

Good grief, I need more coffee. The reply I initially sent, then APOLOGIZED for at 8:36a.m....didn't take..I said you should have turned around and broke out in 17 choruses of "REEEE...CKOOOO..LAH", Or hack a good one back at him!!!

Bob said...

Joanie: Damn it! The perfect response to "I ain't got to stop my coughing". REEE CKOOO LAH!" I'll be definitely doing that next time during intermission. This guy is a real turd.

Max said...

Bring a bag of cough drops, some cough syrup, and a handkerchief for him--since he's too turdly to do it himself.

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