Friday, November 23, 2007


The Thanksgiving football games were both blowouts and not worth watching. Time for channel surfing.

Dog show. No thanks.

All about American Air Lines. Pass.

Spike channel - Major League Eating.

YES! On Thanksgiving Day I discovered that there's a new competitive sport called Major League Eating.

So yesterday were the semi-finals. One group of ontestants had to eat a whole bunch of cranberry sauce. Like 6 pounds.

The second group each had a 20 pound turkey to eat.

This old fart came in fourth and goes to the final eating competition.
This chick won the Eat the Six Pounds of Cranberry sauce. She like ate all six pounds in 8 minutes. She weighs 105 pounds.

Wanna bet that she'll never eat another cranberry in her life?
This dude won the turkey eating event. He ate 9 pounds of turkey in 8 minutes.

I don't know when the finals are. You'll have to Google MLE or go to the Spike network on the Internet to find out.

If you go there remember . . . this contest is not for those of you with weak stomachs. It really does gross and barf you out to watch it.

One more thing - you are what you eat and how much you eat.

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twilite said...

Hello papawatson! Mad! Ha! I don't think I'll put cranberry sauce on my turkey meat!

Bob said...

Lea - what a way to make a living or could it be that gluttony is a hobby for some?

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