Saturday, November 17, 2007


Kindergarten isn't even half over and Grace has already plowed through two boy friends. Here she is with number three.

Like her grandmother, Grace knows how to hang on to her "man".

Gads, kids today are taking a run at life at an early age. It has to be the all of the growth hormones fed to the chickens that we eat which in turn creates fully developed children at an early age.

These pictures were taken Thursday at the school's annual Thanksgiving feast. Parents are invited. There was lots to eat. The school feast is always a real la-dee-da affair.
And then there's the girl friend thing. Here's Grace with her best friend Sammy.

During lunch they chit chat more than they eat and usually leave most of their food untouched. That's what girl friends do.

Blondes of a feather flock together.
Then there's the mother side of being female. Grace has become a member of the manners police. She will be the first to tell you if you're eating like a pig which would be just like your mother.

That's exactly what Grace is doing in this picture. Pity the poor kid on the other side of the table.

This is one of those pictures worth a thousand words.
Whatever Grace is today or tomorrow, for the good, for the bad and for the ugly, she'll always be Papa's girl.


Who can resist a kid like this?

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