Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Meth eaters.

Wife cheaters.

Dog beaters.

I rent a home where meth heads used to roam.

See this house. On the door - an eviction notice.

There are five duplex units on a 5 acre spread of land. One and a half have been rehabbed. The remaining three and a half look like this.

It's nice to sleep with a warm cannon under my pillow. No telling when someone knocks on the door. No telling when someone kicks down the door.

All in the name of meth.

Happiness is a warm gun.

If there's no woman handy there's nothing like cuddling a 9mm semi auto loaded with hollow points.

Are you hearing me Meth heads?
What happens to people who live this way?

I know that they lose their teeth.

They look older than they really are.

They're not usually employed.
This is the happy side of the five unit complex. It's my half.

This is not my Cow Town Home. This is my temporary home away from home while I work in Cow Puncher Valley.

At Thanksgiving I'll be thankful.

For not having someone kick my door down.

For not having to shoot first and ask questions later.

For a wonderful "retreat" when the work day is done - thanks to the wife's decorating touches.

That the missing teeth I have are not attributable to meth - and that I look older than I really am not because of drug abuse but because life takes a toll on those who take life on the hard way.

Nonetheless, I am thankful for what life has served me up - - - even though I've chosen a difficult path to travel.

This from an old turkey a week away from Thanksgiving.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Wow, what a difference. What are the owners doing about fixing up the place?


Bob said...

Fox: They're doing one at a time like working on one only a couple of hours a week. They're sooooo slow but that's the good news. I do not want a neighbor any time soon unless . . .

Max said...

I was reading in the news that it's become much more difficult and expensive to get the chemicals for making meth in the states these days, and that much of the production has shifted to America. Given what you read in the local news and see, can you agree with it?

Bob said...

Max: I'm clueless.

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