Sunday, September 17, 2006


It's another beautiful day in Brookings. Are you getting tired of hearing that? I'm not getting tired of writing it as it's true. Picture perfect days on the ocean, in my experience, as few and far between. Having spent two years on the California coast I know first hand that as a rule there's regular bouts with fog or a wind that makes life out-of-doors miserable. The past seven days in Brookings has been anything but fog and anything but wind. Perfect.

After morning coffee and showers, I set up the electric frying pan outside on the picnic table. Cooking bacon inside a recreational vehicle has a tendency to "taint" its environment for days to come. We've made a habit of cooking outside, whether it is bacon or fish. 8:00 a.m. bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches are ever so delicious. A BLT does nothing for already clogged arteries but what the hell, it's better to have it my way instead of eating oatmeal to jump start a day at the beach.

Fishing boats streamed out of port this morning starting at first light. Some were party boats while others were commercial fishing vessels getting a head start on Monday's market. Later in the morning three or four sail boats motored from the port to half a mile off shore and then hoisted their sails.

Having washed the dishes it was time for a walk down the beach. Candace and I put the dogs on leash and headed across the street to the beach. Five leaks and three dumps later, both dogs were finally ready to walk with us.

It was a great walk down the beach. The tide was coming in, the air crisp and the beach relatively free of dogs and people.

We turned around and of course I said to Jilli, "Let's go back to the trailer" and of course she smiled, barked and headed down the beach in that direction. In making our way back to the trailer we passed by a formation of rocks that were close to the incoming surf. In an instant, a wave, higher than the rest, broke and swept over Zoe. In as much time, Zoe was headed out to sea.

We all know about a mother's instinct: Protect the young at all costs. Without any consideration for herself Candace headed into the surf to get Zoe. Fortunately Zoe had not been taken any great distance. Having retrieved Zoe (who dog paddled for about 5 minutes in Candace's arms), we headed back to the trailer. Candace's clothes were drenched in salt water. Zoe was completely wet and covered with sand brought in by the wave.

This picture was taken after Zoe was bathed. She's basking in the sun with Candace. For Zoe and maybe even Candace, it was a really close call with the ocean's undertow. Whew!

Here I am getting my face sunburned on the docks of Port Brookings. I am fried. Mom, where did you put the salad oil?

There are many sailboats docked in Brookings. I could easily get used to living and sailing here. No problem.

Retention? Does that mean that after you've eaten this fish you are not supposed to retain it? Duh? There must be a better way to make this statement like "Throw 'em back, don't keep em"? I love plain English.

Candace heads back to Redding at first light tomorrow morning. Grace has to be picked up at her preschool by 12:30 Monday. That means a quick trip back home for Candace.

Jilli and I will stay in Brookings until Thursday morning and then head back to Redding. Posted by Picasa

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