Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One day this past April, I was waiting to submit to the every five year "up periscope in the rectum" exam (and ready with words to Moon River memorized to sing through out the procedure). Did I mention that it has been my choice since 1993 to never receive any pain killers during the procedure - total COLD TURKEY! How's that for either full blown bravado or absolute stupidity?

During my wait in the physician's office all the while singing Moon River under my breath and in a quiet way so that no one thought that I was totally crazy, I found a decorating idea in either Town and Country magazine or in Architectual Digest: Frame 15 copies of Gourmet magazine. I was knocked out at the possibilities.

Thanks to e-Bay, there's a wide selection of Gourmet magazines available for purchase. It's only a matter of making the selection based on what covers you'd like to grace your walls of choice. In this case, the framed Gourmet's are in our dining room.

We were ready for a change of scenery and this display of vibrant color certainly makes for a really nice change that intrigues anyone who visits our home. Posted by Picasa

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