Sunday, September 03, 2006

Heck, I missed placing this picture in my group of pizza photos. Anyway, here I am, ready to cut the pizza (and I can cut the mustard, too!). I am wearing devil horns sent to me from Korea by son Max. They have something to do with the Korean soccer team and were worn by their fans during the World Cup Games. Well, I just had to have a set and on my birthday, guess what arrived from Korea? You can't tell from the picture but the horns light up.

Max called yesterday and said that all of the employees at the power plant (where he works) are going on strike Monday. He said that they'll wear some strange type of headgear which supposedly will add meaning to their protest. Max says that whatever they will wear will be just perfect for my Korean It Has to Go on My Head collection. I can hardly wait to see what Max sends me.

I'm sorry that I'm no longer a school principal. Wearing the devil horns would have been perfect when speaking to a young lad who had stepped out of line. Or better yet, at a faculty or a PARENT meeting! :) Posted by Picasa

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