Friday, September 15, 2006

Here's something to chew on....

One of Jilli's favorite past times is to chew on a puppy bone and sit in MY chair in the trailer.
Speaking of past times, we all know that people love to feed the birds. What's amazing about these pictures is that these two people not only love to feed the birds at the beach but they also love to have the birds perch on them. Yikes, how gross is that? But it's okay for my dog to kiss me on the lips, right?

If you look closely, this guy has a bird flapping on his back and couple on his lap.

He has to surely have a few bird droppings on him.

I wonder these two have ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's film, "The Birds"?

And then there's TV and the good old satellite dish that is mounted on top of the trailer. While I'm at the beach I should really be outside instead of inside watching NASCAR or football or Pinks on the Speed Channel. I have gotten hooked on reality TV. I am currently watching a program that looks into the home life of Kiss sideman Gene Simmons. It's on A&E. When I watch it I swear that I have a grin on my face during the entire program (in fact, just thinking of it makes me grin). Did I mention that I also love Food TV?

There's no place like home as long as the satellite dish works and the TV has a wide screen. Posted by Picasa

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