Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where were you September 11th 2001? And where were you when John Kennedy was killed in November 1963? Some of us remember vividly, some don't remember a thing while others were not even a gleam in their mother's eyes.

I decided to be somewhere this September 11th. So I've readied the fifth wheel (complete with queen bed, LCD big screen TV, shower, etc. with ample room thanks to three slide outs), stocked it with red meat, multiple cans of Bud, a jug of Blue Saphire to round off an evening, and one of our satellite dish receivers. I'm good to go. Fueled the truck with diesel at $3.16 a gallon and forked out $74.00 for a little over 23 gallons. I have a feeling fuel is going to go higher and one day the good old USA's fuel prices will be like what everyone else is paying per gallon in this world.

Tomorrow morning I'll take my September 11th five hour drive over to the coast. I'm going to be somewhere on this day to remember. The drive for me will be a good thing for it will be a time to reflect on life, a time to think about our country and a time to think about the future of our world. Geeze, this could be one depressing ride! My drive will be beautiful as the road passes through mountains, by rivers, forests and small towns. I'll have Jilli along for company. She will snooze the whole way which has become her habit when we travel any distance. Candace has "Grace duty" all week, she'll join me Friday night.

Port Brookings Harbor, Oregon is the destination. The RV Park is located right on the beach. Check it out:
I'll surprise Grace this week by putting a chair near one of the cameras aimed along the parking lot (see the website to check out the cameras). And then call home and have Candace dial in the webcam to see Papa enjoying himself along the parking lot by the ocean. I don't know if she'll quite understand any of this but I'll get some fun out of doing it.

But what it comes down to is that I really need an attitude adjustment. I've got a pee poor outlook on life. Something needs to change. Maybe time on the coast sitting by the Pacific ocean will change Bob's pee poor attitude.

What does the doctor order? Ten days on the beach. The sound of the surf at night. The sound and smells of red meat cooking on the barbeque. A couple of dinners out. Trading Redding's heat (near to or over 100 every day) for a little fog and 65 degrees. Walking the beach with Jilli and playing ball, ball and more ball with her in the sand. We'll walk the beach in the early morning so that she can be off leash when no one is around . . . a rare privilege that Jilli enjoys whenever it is offered . . . you could never wipe the smile off of her face as she bounds along the beach sniffing out any dead critter and then dashing into the surf for a drink until she remembers that nothing has changed with the ocean - it still tastes terrible . . . Jilli off leash at the ocean is as carefree as any canine could ever get. And then there's my smile . . . better than 250 bucks and hour therapy for this terrible attitude that has taken ahold of me . . . Jilli is one of the cures to my pee poor attitude. I'll get a picture: It will be worth a thousand words.

I've packed salad dressing so that I can protect myself from the rays of the sun (this ones for you, mom - how I miss you and your pearls of wisdom). I'll be somewhere on 9/11/06. Be thinking of me as being footloose and fancy free. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

You really need to WRITE a book! Your 'turn-of-phrase', the dry humor, the stirring of old memories of SR, the wit, and at times your sadness, really are interesting. Fabulous photos!

Bob said...

I am flattered by your comments. Thank you. I think that I am writing a book albeit in the form of this blog. Perhaps one day I'll transform all of these entries into a book. If nothing else, I enjoy writing each day.

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