Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here I am, waiting in ambush for Max to arrive, wearing the hat he just sent me from Korea. I have no idea if I have it on right or if it is on backwards.

Max is arriving in Redding sometime time tomorrow. I asked him what he missed most living in Korea as we would like to serve those things up to Max during his visit. His wish list included Corona beer with a slice of lime, roast turkey and lunch out at really good sandwich shop.

Max will be with us until Monday when Candace and I jet off for 10 days in Hawaii. As Max's girl friend could not secure to visa to enter the United States, he opted not to travel with us to Hawaii. Instead he will hang out with his friends for the remainder of his visit in the Bay Area. I plan on wearing this hat on the flight to Hawaii just so Max will be with us in spirit. Candace says she has other ideas for the hat.

Candace and Grace are in the kitchen making a birthday cake for her father. He is 39 today. By the sounds of things Grace is sampling a fair amount of cake batter. Remember licking the spoon and the mixing bowl when you were young?

Both of us are excited to visit Hawaii. It's been years since we traveled to the Islands. I am personally looking forward to lots of blue drinks, eating great food, basking on the beach garnering the next batch of skin cancer cells, shopping for who knows what and sightseeing.

In an attempt to keep from getting sunburned the first day on the Hawaiian beach, I've been taking advantage of the tanning booth at our gym. It's a scary sort of machine that makes a lot of noise (the fans pushing the hot air out of the booth sound like a 747 is landing next to you), has really bright lights and gets hot really fast. I'm graduating tomorrow from 6 minutes to 8 minutes a session. It's been hard to stay in this damn thing for 6 minutes, it's that annoying. Staying put for 8 minutes is going to be even more difficult. Here's hoping this experience in the "shake and bake" machine will be worth the effort. I hate getting sunburned. Next life? Any shade other than honky white will be fine with me. Posted by Picasa

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