Thursday, September 14, 2006

As the kids would say, that's a totally sick boat. Someone must have money in Brookings as that's an easy one or two million sitting at the dock.

There's a marina across the street from the RV park with varying degrees of water craft tied up there. Most are neglected and have copious amounts of algae growing on the bottom side not to mention the poor condition of their decks. I've always wondered why anyone would let an investment go to hell like that.
Here's more my speed, my African Queen. I can see my self pulling this baby up a canal somewhere in deepest Africa, dogs and Candace on the topside, me deep in mud, pausing now and again to rip the leeches off of my body, rope in one hand, bottle of Bud in the other, singing, "What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor". Now that would be the life, wouldn't it?
Then there's these guys. There's about 6 of them everynight at the park. At about 5 o'clock someone hauls their bikes in on a trailer and then they all rip around the block for about an hour. Two of them have carriers on the back of their bikes and carry their dogs with them. Cute!

It's about as nerdy as you can get but HEY! at least they're out there doing it. No, I am not going to buy one of these bikes but I might look into a dealership....
Ball, ball and more ball! Does this dog ever give it up? Hell no! How I love my dog, just me and my bitch on the beach. Now there's a song title for you!

I woke up this morning pressed up against the wall. Jilli had gotten cold during the night and nudged up against me to get warm leaving me absolutely no room to turn over or even move just a little bit. Just me and my bitch in bed! Haahahahaha!

Life on the beach in Brookings is ever so good. Posted by Picasa

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