Sunday, September 03, 2006

Last night was Saturday night and of course it just had to be pizza night. Using Alton Brown's pizza dough recipe off of Food TV it is a fairly easy process IF you have a mixer with a dough hook.

Starting from the bottom: Dough, red pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, bell pepper, anchovies. This is only the start.
Then there's mushrooms, olives, I forgot to add fresh basil, tomatoes. Before I pop the pizza in the oven freshly grated cheese is added.

The large spatula is covered with lots of gritty corn meal. This helps the pizza slide off of it and onto the pizza stone.
Here it is on the barbeque. Note the corn meal on the pizza stone. The corn meal makes it a lot easier to scoop the pizza off of the stone.
Viola! One done pizza, a litle wine and old Bob is good to go on his homemade pizza! Posted by Picasa

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