Friday, September 29, 2006


Here we are at Logan's Roadhouse having beer, peanuts, burgers, fries and Logan's famous rolls. Max could not get over that the peanut shells were thrown on the floor. He said that would never fly in Korea. Well hell, this is "Merica" and we do what we please, right?

Max is enjoying the weather, the lack of humidity, Mom's home cooked meals (turkey last night was fantastic .. . it was grilled on the barbeque to perfection), playing Candy Land with Mom and Grace Helen, helping Dad with his computer skills and honestly, I think just being home is something Max is enjoying. We're planning a trip sometime next year to visit Max in Korea. A trip like that would definitely be a lot of fun.

Today we'll visit my former school district, mix pizza dough to bake Saturday night, buy some wine (Max loves a good red), cook turkey soup for dinner, take the handguns out to the range for a little old West "shoot-'em-up", eat lunch out somewhere nice and just "be".

Max's visit is going wayyyy too fast. With all of this global warming stuff, maybe the world will shift a bit and Korea will move closer to California. Sailing to Korea would then be no big deal. Now that's a thought.

A former student of mine will be on NBC's Dateline tonight. He's a Lt. in the Petaluma Police Department, Danny Fish. Danny was in charge of the sting NBC is televising tonight. I'll enjoy watching Danny in action and thinking back to the times where I taught him how to read in my second grade class. Because of the content of tonight's Dateline, Candace says it's disgusting and will pass on watching. She's right, entrapping children on the Internet is very disgusting (the focus of the sting). Maybe I'll catch a glimpse of Lt. Dan and then turn off the television.

Not counting today, three more days until we blast off to Hawaii. ALOHA!

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