Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Grace arrived Friday wearing this dress . . . a dress that she picked out on her own and just had to have. She's not even four years old and already Grace is a "clothes horse". She loves to dress up and be more of a young lady than she already is.

And then there's Jilli. Jilli thinks of like 4 things a day: #1 Food. She's up at 5:30 wanting her breakfast and then starts pacing about 1:30 p.m. for her evening meal . . . which is really her afternoon meal, having adjusted feeding time to about 2:30 p.m. each day.

#2 Ball. Ball. Ball. Jilli has to play ball. She loves to run the ball down and then she tosses the ball into the air. She's very good at tossing the ball back to whoever threw it and then catching it when it is thrown to her. Next to playing ball, Jilli loves to find the ball. We have a game where Jilli sits and waits while I hide her ball somewhere in the house. When I tell her to find the ball, Jilli barks and then runs to find the ball where ever it is hidden. It's uncanny how she can find the ball so quickly regardless of where I hide it.

#3 If Jilli could ride with me everywhere I went she'd just absolutely love it. We have carseats for both dogs that elevate them high enough so that they can see out of the truck windows. When I don't take Jilli along with me, she's stands at the door and barks and barks in protest.

#4 Nylabones are Jilli's favorite. She loves to chew on a bone just before she goes to sleep at night. If there is no bone on hand, Jilli will start looking for one which drives me nuts. So out of bed I go to find Jilli's bone. No doubt Nylabones keep her teeth nice and clean . . . although Candace does brush each of the dog's teeth most every night. Zoe only has 7 teeth left so any help we can give her in this department is certainly in favor of her health.

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