Thursday, September 14, 2006

It was an beautiful end to a day last night. What do they say about pink sky at night, is it sailor's delight? I should know that one. One end to a perfect day is a sunset like this.
Another end to a perfect day is Blue Saphire up with an olive and an onion, baked potato in the microwave ready to go, a London Broil all primed for the barbeque, a nice green salad topped with cottage cheese and pineapple in the 'fridge, and a slice of garlic bread.
There's another end to a perfect day, a totally perfectly barbequed London Broil. Damn, can I cook 'em or what?! I can do a lot of things well but one thing that I do very well is not only barbeque (after 40 plus years of grilling you'd think that anyone would surely get the hang of it) but cooking as a craft.

I just love to cook. If I didn't think that it would take the fun out of cooking, I'd buy a restaturant. There would be things on the menu like meat loaf, potato chip sandwiches (there's a story to that dish - as a child when there was nothing in the house to make a sandwich with, there was always a bag of chips available), stuffed peppers, Bob's Chili, Christmas Spaghetti, ham slices with red gravy, chicken halves marinated in lime/Tequilla and then grilled, split pea soup . . . lots of stuff that you don't find when you're eating out . . . you'd find at Bob's.

This would be Jilli's end to a perfect day, stretched out in MY chair after chewing on her bone. She acts like she owns this place and you know what, Jilli probably does.

Oh yes, a not so perfect end to the day came after consuming part of but not all of the London Broil (now remember kiddies, one of the 7 sins is gluttony and I do abide by that). It is a habit to floss, floss and more floss every night. In my vigor to floss and more floss I pulled off one of my caps. My dentist, who is in process of replacing this cap, sent along a "cap repair kit" with me just in case it came off. Well hello?!

This morning I get to glue the cap back on all by myself. Now if I can just get the damn thing glued on without putting it in backwards . . . Wish me luck. Posted by Picasa

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