Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Wow, the surf rolled in yesterday in multiple sets of very large waves. It must have been very special because a dozen or more surfers hit the surf late yesterday afternoon. Jilli and I sat on a bench for an hour watching the surfers hang ten or whatever it is that surfers do in the water with their boards.
The dog loves to be covered with a blanket, in this case my sweatshirt and snooze her life away. It's not unusual for Jilli to sleep with her tongue sticking out. Here's the dog taking a late afternoon, after having her dinner nap.
In Oregon if you want to log, you can log away. In Oregon, if you want to build a subdivision on the side of a hill, grade away. In California I don't imagine a project like the one you see in the picture would fly. Think of all the silt that will, in a very short time, slide down the hill not only into the back yards of the homes you see in the picture but also into the bay (see the tops of the sailboat masts?).

These lots will sell for well over 300k, not have much of a backyard or any property that goes with such a pricetag. Judging by the slope of the hill, it would not be a surprise if many of the lots will eventually need engineered retaining walls just to anchor the homes to the hill.

One thing for certain, the homes will have a killer view. The view of the harbor and ocean from this vantage point will be to die for.

Today is my last day in Brookings as I'll head back to Redding early tomorrow morning. It's been a nice visit, just what the doctor ordered to cure me of "attitude". While the bed in the RV is outstanding, it still will be nice to snuggle down tomorrow night with CRW in a huge king bed. Even though it is nice to travel there's really no place like home. Posted by Picasa

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