Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yet one more crash

The office computer crashed again. It's in the "shop". Until it comes back home (probably sometime next week) posts will be limited to pretty much what you see here. Short. To the point.

Another crash . . . It's not me or what I do with this thing but in the repair work and the parts used for repair.


La Roo said...

Get a Mac :)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Lay off the smut!

Bob said...

Laroo: Mac's suck. They have few programs. Businsses all run PC's. All of my work is on a PC. Less than 5% of the population use Mac's. It's ain't gonna get any better.

Fox: Impossible to get smut on this machine. I use GOD IS MY CO-PILOT virus/firewall/spybot protection program. Going with God I'll never go wrong unless the hardware fails which it has . . . again!

I hate this laptop!

Max said...

Actually Dad, these days you probably use little more than the internet. A Mac could work for you, but it's an entire misconception that Macs are trouble-free. Ask Mom.

Anonymous said...

You've been brainwashed... get a Mac and be liberated. Actually Dad, use Mom's.

Bob said...

I still do work for school districts that require a PC. As for buying a Macm been there owned more than a couple prior to moving to Cowtown. PC's are, in my opinion, so much better . . . more versatile. And, cheaper, too. I did the cross platform thing with a Mac and how screwed up was that? Very. Like I said, less than 10% of this world uses Macs. That alone says something.

evalinn said...

Aw that´s terrible...happened to me yesterday.

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