Monday, July 27, 2009

Bunches of punches

I've always contended and noted here that shit happens in bunches of punches. The second contention of mine is that the more you have the more wheels there are to grease. Like now:

RV camping this weekend the circuit breaker on the a/c kept shutting off. Either there's a short in the a/c or the circuit breaker needs replacing. Repairs are scheduled for Wednesday. This repair will likely run in the 100 bucks plus category.

While RV camping Zeenie started shaking her head . . . like all the time. Once home yesterday a visit to the vet revealed that she had a yeast infection (of all things) in her ear. $124 bucks. And I thought yeast infections only occurred . . . .

The office PC took a dump Wednesday. It's still in the shop with an ETA of late today or tomorrow. I'm thinking another 100 bucks plus expense.

The laptop I'm using is beginning to slow down. So I did: Virus check. Spybot check. Disk check. Memory dump. It's still running slow...slow...slow.

On a brighter side, son Max arrives from Seoul at the San Francisco airport this afternoon for a three week visit. He'll make the trip to Cowtown later this week once he's had a chance to visit/party with his buds in the Bay area. Grace is so very excited to see her Uncle Max. That's all she's been talking about.

Anything else needing grease? Here's hoping we done greased everything up for the time being.

Happy Monday.......


Flyinfox_SATX said...

Bob, sounds like you have had your hands full by emptying your pockets this weekend.

Well, not to add insult to injury but you may want to keep a close eye on my blog this week....

Bob said...

Got it, Fox. I'm almost afraid to look knowing what is probably coming.

DNA said...

Papa Watson,
Re:yeast infections in dogs. Our dogs have gotten them before and I went online and found some stuff that should save you a trip to the vet next time. Keep the ear cleaner stuff around that the vet gives you but also look online for something called, Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution. Costs about $20+ shipping. Works wonders. Our GS mix had a bad case 2 years ago and it's not been back since. Our Shar-pei has it now, you just gotta keep those ears cleaned out and use it according to directions. Hopes this helps.

Bob said...

Thanks, Anne. We're on this like flies on honey . . . why pay big bucks for something that can be had via the Internet? This does help and thanks for taking tip to post that tip here.

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