Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Other Wifey

An acquaintance and I had this conversation the other day:

Him: You write a lot about your Wifey, don't you.

Me: I wouldn't say that I write a lot about her but yes, I do write about her.

Him: She's not the only Wifey. There's another one.

Me: Ya think? I really didn't think I had the only Wifey.

Him: Yup. And she has her own web site plumb fulled of nekked pictures. You should post pictures of your Wifey and make some money.

Me: Well, that really wouldn't be like my Wifey to post nekked pictures of herself on the Internet. She's a private person. That's not her thing.

So I Googled Wifey. Perez Hilton of all people has a Wifey. Yuck. There are other Wifey's on the net. One has a blog entitled Ask Wifey. Ashton Kutcher mentions his Wifey on Twitter.

Wikipedia has this to say about Wifey:

"Wifey's World is a notable pornographic website, founded in 1998 and maintained by an American couple.[1]

The couple are high school sweethearts who were born circa 1965[2] and married circa 1986.[3]

The business started when "Hubby" posted some polaroids of "Wifey" on the Usenet newsgroups in 1997[1] with her eyes hidden.[4] Surprised by the favorable response, the couple continued to post steadily more explicit images. By fall of 1997, they were doing "brisk" mail-order business of their home videos. In the fall of 1998, they launched the website."

Posted here are several photos of the other Wifey from Wifey World (that's a hellofa name isn't it - sounds like the name of an adult amusement park).

Hmm . . . not bad for a 44 year old website porno star. Wifey's boobs are yet another example of "How much is enough?"

This last picture taken in Wifey's kitchen? Nice roast, eh? Just the way I like 'em.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Oh Lawd!

La Roo said...

That's where buns the kitchen. :)

Bob said...

Fox: Thank you for your religious comment here.

Laroo: I actually like hot crossed buns, my dear.

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