Friday, July 24, 2009

Deep cover

I'm headed north to go under cover this weekend. I've got a couple of spare bags packed so I should be okay if it rains. Nothing like a soggy bag on your head.

When I'm doing deep cover people often ask who I am and what I'm doing with a bag over my head.

Wifey speaks for me and says that I'm a famous movie star who doesn't want to be recognized. If I said something it would give away my deep cover. So I keep quiet. Wifey usually adds that under the bag is a star who appeared in a lot of movies. That keeps everyone guessing.

Sometimes people think I'm like from a terrorist group checking out places to terrorize. When that happens I pull out a long string of fire crackers, wrap those babies around my neck about four times and in a very loud voice I ask, "Anyone gotta light?"

When I'm in deep cover bartenders usually serve up free drinks just to see if I can down them without getting my bag wet. That's when a long straw comes in handy.

It's soooo cool hitting the bars with a bag on your head because no one can tell when you're over the top stupid drunk. Once while driving home a cop stopped me and wanted to check my eyes out. "Check the peep holes, officer. I'm not getting unbagged for you!"

There's fun to be had up north!

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evalinn said...

Sounds like u´ll have a blast, enjoy! :-)

Flyinfox_SATX said...


Here is hoping that all goes well for you! Have fun....

Tell them that your name is the Unknown Blogger...cousin to the Unknown Comic. This should get you through....

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