Saturday, July 11, 2009

I love a parade

Last weekend. Fourth of July in Yreka. Locals held their annual parade.

It didn't take long for the parade. 15 minutes max.

There were five types of entries.

One: Renovated military vehicles as you see here. Didn't really appreciate a patriot pointing a 50 caliber machine gun in my direction. First Golden Rule of firearms is to never point one at anybody regardless of what they can or can't do. . . unless you intend to use it. And maybe that was what was on this old fart's mind....

One float: This is the local McDonald's "float". Need I say more?

#3 The locals who race each weekend at the Yreka speedway had a half dozen cars in the parade. Kids and adults hung out of every window.

At one point two of the cars lined up alongside of each other and raced close to full speed down the parade route, kids hanging out of each open window. Had one lost control and headed toward spectators . . . .or if one of the kids in the cars fell out?

#4 Every fire truck in town was in the parade. Sirens. Lights. The whole 9 yards.

#5 Semi Trucks: Ending the parade was this beauty. It's horn was much like that of a train locomotive. Loud. Very loud.

Start to finish within 15 minutes the parade was over. I was hoping Peggy Lee was in the last vehicle, microphone in hand and singing her hit song, "Is That All There Is?" It would have been a most appropriate ending to the parade.

Wifey and walked back to the car smiling knowing that the parade albeit short, hokey and missing a lot of what parades are all about (like marching bands, kids pulling wagons, mounted color guards . .. .) was our kind of fourth of July fun. Small town, all American, apple pie.

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Max said...

McFloat is pathetic!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I am with Max on this one...Maybe they should have added Ronald dry humping a cheeseburger...

Bob said...

Max: That would be Mac Shit.

Fox: Now that would have been interesting.

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