Thursday, July 30, 2009

Run Amok Kids

Is it me or are there more kids running amok these days. No manners. No common courtesy. Could care less what they do and where they do it. It's almost like their parents never tried to instill any civility in them or gave up trying.

Parenting is a job. It's not a nine to fiver. It's 24/7. My dad would often say, "A job half done is a job just begun." From where I sit, there's a lot of parents out there who threw up their hands because being a parent was too tough for them and consequently left that job half done. There's a lot of people out there who should have never had kids in the first place.

It's surprising how many kids that I've known have landed in jail. Well, not really surprising. Most I would have guessed that somehow, sometime and somewhere they'd be behind bars. When you've worked with a lot of kids for any length of time it's fairly easy to predict. There are three former students in our downtown slammer today all of which I could have easily predicted that that's where they would most likely have ended up. I hate being right when it comes to predictions like these.

Parents who are pain in the asses often end up in the slammer, too. There's two that I remember as being real jerks that are in the Cowtown jail today. One's there having been nailed for crafting a Ponzi scheme. Another is behind bars for embezzlement. Wonder if their parents left the job of parenting half done and allowed these two to run amok.

Run amok.....hmmm. I could open a camp for kids and name it Camp Run Amok. Our slogan: Walk softly and carry a big stick: We make winners out of losers.

Wanna be a camp counselor?

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La Roo said...

I would like to go to that camp. :)

Bob said...

Laroo: You're on. You can be my front person . . . okay, and the rear person, too. :)

Rachel said...

Amok, amok, amok...

Sign me up skipper.

Joker_SATX said...


Sign me up! I have a couple of specially developed programs for them. One of them is called the Golden Rule! I'll whip 'em into shape in no time flat!

Bob said...

Rachel: You can come aboard anytime, sailor. We'll leave a light on.

Fox: You'd be my lead dude . . . take the point!

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