Wednesday, July 08, 2009

And another thing!

Taken off the docks where the boat is moored. Early morning fishing for this bird of a feather.

It's so peaceful this time of day. Birds doing bird sounds. Fish jumping out of the water. The halyards on the sailboats beating against their masts in time with the puffs of wind.

Here's our boat, Sparkle Plenty. We've since moved her across the dock to where you see the patio boat moored.

Getting out of this mooring was a hassle. The new location is a straight shot out onto the lake. It is much easier for single handed sailing.


So another thing about Michael Jackson. Didn't you think the mourning of the Jackson family was probably a couple of parts remorse?

Think about it. Common knowledge had it that MJ was heavy into prescription drugs. It's also common knowledge that MJ rarely had contact with his brothers and his mom. You just have to think there was regret mixed in with the other feelings . . . that the family should have had more contact with MJ . . . and just maybe he'd still be alive today. Just maybe.

Given the knowledge that MJ was drugged out on prescription drugs most families would have done an intervention to put a halt to the addiction. You and I would have done that for a family member. But then, the Jackson's are not most families, are they . .. .

Had the Jackson family intervened the gloved on would still be alive, kicking, moon walking and getting ready for bunch of concerts in London.

Ya think?!
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Flyinfox_SATX said...

If every one of us, just took a couple of moments in the day to acknowledge and tell someone we love that we don't want to take them for granted...this would be a much better place.

La Roo said...

Your boat is so nice, how wonderful to finally get to enjoy it.
I absolutely agree with you about the MJ thing. People are to caught up in there own lives to help others in bad situations. Or they think they might hurt someones feelings or step on toes. Maybe if they stepped on a few of his toes and made him feel loved, he'd might still be here. He did weird things because he was drugged. Hell I can't think straight with a Benedryl. Can you imagine?
Maybe because I've been through many deaths in my life I realize the finality of it all. I think you must experience the loss of a loved one to be able to want to fight for others who are living.

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