Sunday, July 05, 2009

How much is enough?

I know, I know. It wasn't long ago that I ranted a bit about excess but here I am again.

Once again "How much is enough" takes place in the RV park where excess seems to be rampant. Check out the pole attached to this motor home with a flag atop it. Wasn't is Freud who said that anything longer than it is wide is a phallic symbol?

Here's the father of all symbols, phallic or otherwise.

Dang, I just thought of an opportunity I missed here.

Me: Dude, hellofa penis you got there. Must have taken a lot of Viagra to hoist that puppy.....Dude, you know you only got one ball up there? Aren't ya supposed to have two?

Motor home Dude looking up from his walker: Huh?

Dumbfounded people always response like this to dumbfounding questions.

No wonder visitors from other countries look at America and all of its excessive habits and ask, "How much is enough?"

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Max said...

Never enough of the "how much is enough" series. Make it your theme. Capture it at every moment.

Would have been sweet to have replaced that 'merican flag with a rainbow flag in the middle of the night--and epoxied the pole in the hole. Hahaha. Hours of morning entertainement.

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