Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Meet Gracie's voice teacher, Jimmy. Most everyone in Cowtown knows Jimmy. Either their kids have had voice lessons from him, or they've listened to Jimmy play and sing at a local piano bar or they had Jimmy lead them in less than sober karaoke at one of our pubs. Jimmy gets around.

Grace is learning how to yodel, sing the scale, read music, adjust the volume of her voice (low to high) and can already belt out a Disney song or two.

In preparing her for the next weekly lesson (on Tuesdays) Wifey helps Grace practice singing every day of the week. Sometimes she practices in the garage, or in her bedroom, outside on the patio, while riding in the car or in the family room.

No one else in the family seems interested enough to see that Grace practices her singing let alone pay for the lessons. We do both of these because it's in our grandparent job description. Besides, taking singing lessons is something Grace asked to do. Someone had to take this on.

Like doing anything else at this age, who knows where her voice lessons will take Gracie if she continues on this path. Jimmy has high hopes for Grace as he feels she is talented. That aside we just want a well rounded kid who knows a little about everything.

Knowing a little about everything will allow for choices when she's older.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Bob, that is a great gift. Take it from someone who started learning to play piano at 5. It will help her in ways she doesn't even know yet....

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