Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's July again?!

I can't believe a year has past and that it is July 1st.

Seems like yesterday that Wifey was touring Spain.

It also seems like yesterday that while shopping at Raley's market with Wifey Grace swallowed the dime that she had found on the floor of this store. That little deal was worth a trip to the emergency room where after consuming mass quantities of liquid and pudding the dime passed from her esophagus to her tummy thereby avoiding a surgical procedure.

A day later Gracie pooped out the dime (yes, what goes in usually comes out) which was found in our toilet after careful dissecting by Grammy of the turds in the bowl. The dime was mounted in a setting which is now attached by a necklace. Why we decided to create a necklace around a pooped out dime I'll never know. At the time it seemed like a great idea. A year later I'm thinking how stupid was that?!

A year ago Gracie could not read a lick. Thanks to a jump start with summer tutoring by Mrs. Ford and Wifey practicing reading with Gracie every day after school . . . this summer our girl can read, read, read. She'll be a star in second grade.

July is Bob's birthday month. Last year Grace helped me open presents. This year I'm thinking no presents as I'm the guy who if he wants something goes out and buys it. Bob never wants for anything.

And last year we had horrible fires in our part of California. They began with lightning strikes in June and were not brought under control until the middle of August. What a smoky summer that was as evidenced by this photo which was typical of every day last June, July and August.

One year later Wifey decided not to travel this summer. Grace no longer puts things in her mouth that she might swallow marking yet another lesson our girl has learned about life. There are no wildfires in our neck of the woods and the skies are their usual deep blue.

One year after the last birthday Bob has decided not to grow older and will remain the age that he turned last July. Like a fine wine extended aging usually turns it to vinegar. Bob, on the other hand, has always been full of piss and vinegar. Why mess with a winning formula?

What a wonderful 12 months it has been.


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Flyinfox_SATX said...


Good for you dude! That was a good nostalgic post. Yes indeed how things have changed.

Bob said...

Fox: I wish all of the changes were good ones. . .

La Roo said...

Happy unbirthday Bob. Life's good!!!
Big Hug, Laroo

Bob said...

Thanks. . . not quite my birthday but I'll take it, Laroo.

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