Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Don't forget to close the gate . . .

Here's a home located in Yreka. It's older. It's well cared for. It's obvious that the owners think outside the box.

In keeping dogs, bad guys, people who go door-to-door preaching the gospel and vacuum cleaner salesmen away from their door there's a gate that is securely latched.

The gate makes the statement, I double dog dare you to go around me and knock on the door. If you do, there's trouble coming your way.

Or is there a force field around the house in lieu of a fence? Walk through the force field and you're fried. Kentucky fried.

I'll be glad when this deal over Michael Jackson is over. The media has gone gaa-gaa over the series of events before and after his death. This who deal comes under the heading of HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?! Enough! Uncle. I give up. Stop it!!!

What's especially nauseating is having to put up with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who seem to be the darlings of the media. Why is that those two clowns come out of the woodwork on each and every event that involves black people?

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

I agree with you. That gate carries a lot of 'tude!

As far as your take on Michael Jackson is concerned....did you stop by my blog?

Max said...

Last year, did you see SNL's "The Obama Files"?

It's hilarious as it picks a lot of fun at Sharpton and Jackson.

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